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Legend of Mana (1999)
Action RPG Fantasy Anime / Manga 3rd person perspective

Et JRPG utenom det vanlige som setter deg i hovedsetet for hvordan verden skal se ut. Ved å finne magiske…

Published: 1.Jan 2015
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PaRappa the Rapper (1996)
Arcade Bizarre Rythm / Music

For å imponere Sunny Funny må PaRappa lære seg å rappe i dette rytmespillet til Playstation 1.

Published: 19.Dec 2016
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Prism Land (2000)
Arcade Pong / Arkanoid

Katten Prim og hans venn Prinsesse Rythm kjemper en evig kamp for å redde Dronning Rilis fra en utenkelig ondskap…

Published: 20.Dec 2019
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Tales of Phantasia (1995)
Adventure RPG JRPG

Play as the main protagonist named Cless Alvein who one day when out boar hunting hears the town alarm bells.…

Published: 4.Sep 2021
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Croc: Legend of the Gobbos (1997)
Action Adventure Platform 3rd person perspective

When a small basket shows up in the river at Gobbos village, they discover a small crocodile. Kind as they…

Published: 17.Dec 2021
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Machine Hunter (1997)
Action Sci-fi Shoot em up

A top-down action game where you control humanity's last hope to retake Mars after it's been overtaken by evil robots.…

Published: 28.Jul 2009
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Silent Hill (1999)
Bizarre Puzzle Horror 3rd person perspective

Upon travelling to Silent Hill with his daughter for a vacation, disaster strucks when Harry Mason crashes his car due…

Published: 22.Jan 2022
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Klonoa: Door to Phantomile (1997)
Adventure Platform 2.5D perspective (Pseudo 3D)

Klonoa and his friend Huepow have to save the dream world from an evil spirit named Ghadius from turning it…

Published: 9.Jul 2022
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Star Ocean: The Second Story (1998)
Action Adventure Sci-fi Isometric perspective JRPG

A deadly meteorite has been hurled towards the unsuspecting planet of Expel, as The Gods are out to destroy the…

Published: 23.Dec 2021
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Metal Gear Solid (1998)
Action Sci-fi Stealth Espionage

Et anlegg for atomavfall på Shadow Moses Island i Alaska har blitt tatt over av Next Generation Special Forces ledet…

Published: 30.Aug 2014
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Clock Tower 2 (1996)
Point & Click Puzzle Horror Detective / Mystery 3rd person perspective Survival Horror

After escaping the evil Scissorman in the first game, main protagonist Jessica Simpson was adopted by Helen Maxwell, an assistant…

Published: 7.Aug 2022
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Command & Conquer (1995)
Sci-fi Strategy (real time)

In the year 2030, the world has discovered an alien substance called Tiberium that's quite valuable. Battling for control over…

Published: 11.Oct 2007
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Lunar: Silver Star Story (1996)
Adventure Strategy (Turn based) JRPG

Long ago, when the world was in chaos, four heroes arose and vanquished the evil within. One of those heroes,…

Published: 22.Dec 2022
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Rayman 2: The Great Escape (1999)
Action Humor Platform 3rd person perspective

After defeating Mr. Dark in the previous game, Rayman, our hero is enjoying a calm relaxing life. But, as game…

Published: 21.Jul 2022
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Valkyrie Profile (1999)
Action Platform Strategy (Turn based) Anime / Manga JRPG

Det brygger opp til krig i Midgard og Odin sender Valkyrien Lenneth for å finne krigere, såkalte Einherjere. Dette er…

Published: 23.Dec 2016
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Suikoden (1995)
Strategy (Turn based) Fantasy JRPG Base Management

A traditional role-playing game with a number of unique features and a story with emphasis on political turmoil. Based somewhat…

Published: 21.Dec 2022
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Dewprism (1999)
Action Platform Fantasy Anime / Manga

A story-driven, lighthearted action platformer that features two protagonists, each with their different stories and background. Rue, a swordsman with…

Published: 23.Dec 2022
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Heart of Darkness (1998)
Action Puzzle Platform Sci-fi 2.5D perspective (Pseudo 3D)

When Andy's dog, Whiskey, is kidnapped by the Master of Darkness, he fires up his spaceship, dons his helmet and…

Published: 19.Mar 2023
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Resident Evil (1996)
Action Puzzle Horror 3rd person perspective Survival Horror

There are mysterious murders happening in Raccoon City. A special team is sent to investigate, S.T.A.R.S, only to find…

Published: 7.Apr 2020
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Final Fantasy Tactics (1997)
Strategy (Turn based) Fantasy JRPG

Final Fantasy tar et steg inn 32-bit eraen med en isometrisk verden og endrer landskapet totalt for hva man omtaler…

Published: 23.Dec 2019
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