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Beneath A Steel Sky (1994)
Adventure Point & Click Sci-fi Puzzle

Et dystopisk pek-og-klikk eventyr med liten sans for nåde. Du styrer Robert Foster, som har blitt tatt til fange i…

Published: 3.Aug 2007
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Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars (1996)
Adventure Point & Click Puzzle

Eventyrspill i en mer voksen stil enn Monkey Island, og tar historiefortelling til ett nytt nivå.

Published: 25.Dec 2012
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Call of Chtulhu: Prisoner of Ice (1995)
Horror Point & Click

No game description available yet

Published: 3.Sep 2010
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Chamber of the Sci-Mutant Priestess (1989)
Bizarre Point & Click Puzzle Sci-fi

The evil Protozorqs have kidnapped the young Sci-Mutant princess, called Sci Fi, who is the future leader of your people.…

Published: 11.Feb 2022
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Clock Tower 2 (1996)
Point & Click Puzzle Horror Detective / Mystery 3rd person perspective Survival Horror

After escaping the evil Scissorman in the first game, main protagonist Jessica Simpson was adopted by Helen Maxwell, an assistant…

Published: 7.Aug 2022
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Codename Iceman (1989)
Simulation Adventure Point & Click

A classic Sierra adventure with points and text inputs for commands. When on vacation, Johnny Westland is called in for…

Published: 18.Dec 2009
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Companions of Xanth (1993)
Adventure Fantasy Point & Click Puzzle License based

Basert på boken "Demons Don't Dream" av Piers Anthony, hvor to mennesker konkurrerer om et mål uten å vite at…

Published: 11.Dec 2014
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Congo: Descent Into Zinj (1995)
Puzzle Point & Click Horror Adventure License based Detective / Mystery

Congo is an adventure game adapted from a movie (adapted from a book by Michael Crichton). In contemporary Congo, you…

Published: 22.Dec 2013
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Conquests of the Longbow: The Legend of Robin Hood (1991)
Adventure Point & Click Fantasy

Året er 1193 og Richard Lionheart, Kongen av England, har returnert til Europa fra det Heilage Land. På veien dog,…

Published: 27.Apr 2019
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Cruise for a Corpse (1991)
Adventure Point & Click Puzzle

Et mord skjer på et cruise og du blir hovedpersonen i å løse mysteriet. Et pek-og-klikk-spill i klassisk stil med…

Published: 17.Mar 2008
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Curse of Enchantia (1992)
Adventure Point & Click Puzzle

Evil is brewing Witch style in the fantasy land of Enchantia! The witch's latest invention is a potion of youth…

Published: 15.Jun 2008
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Daughter of Serpents (1992)
Adventure Detective / Mystery Point & Click Historical setting

Du er på businessreise i Egypt når du blir blandet inn i et mordmysterie som involverer øglemenn, demoner og kulter.…

Published: 16.Dec 2014
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