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Cobra Triangle (1989)


Boat racing and snakes? In Cobra Triangle that's a common reality as you navigate 25 different levels with varying objectives.…

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Tales of Phantasia (1995)


Play as the main protagonist named Cless Alvein who one day when out boar hunting hears the town alarm bells.…

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Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards (1987)


Larry er en 40 år gammel skallet jomfru som har bodd hos moren sin hele livet. Nå har han bestemt…

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Volfied (1991)


The world of Volfied is under attack from alien invaders. With the help of the space ship Monotros your objective…

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Zeppelin: Giants of the Sky (1994)


Feel like playing with fire in the sky, quite literally? Manage your own fleet of zeppelins and ferry passengers around…

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The Chaos Engine (1993)


If making an artificial intelligence with knowledge from the future sounds like a good idea, Baron Fortesque wants a word.…

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Tattoo Assassins (1994)


A very graphic Mortal Kombat clone with a backstory by the creator of the Back to the Future movies, Bob…

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ActRaiser (1990)


You play as a God and have been tasked of saving the world of evil. Lands are first purged in…

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College Football USA 96 (1996)


Think you've got the muscle to mow down the opposition? Test your strength in American Football college style with 108…

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Bass Masters Classic (1995)


Participate in a classic fishing tournament where your lures, rods, boat skills and general fish-sense all come in to play!…

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WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos (2002)


The world of Azeroth is facing multiple threats as an unknown evil is looming on the horizon. The game picks…

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Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles (2001)


A surrealistic action puzzle platformer with a dark, haunting setting. When Cyprien, an orphan, wishes all his friends to 'take…

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Contra (1988)


The galaxy's fiercest foe, the alien Red Falcon, is hellbent on destroying the universe. Earth's only hope are the members…

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Journey to Silius (1990)


The world's population has grown so fast that a new place is needed. Mankind has thus founded a colony in…

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Sacred Gold (2005)


An isometric roleplaying hack 'n slash in the same vein as Diablo. Choose from one of eight characters including Elves,…

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Jetsons: The Computer Game (1992)


Based upon the Hanna-Barbera TV-series from the 90s, we join the Jetsons family in their attempt to escape Dr. Spacely…

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Rage of Mages (1998)


The world of Kania is in a world of pain - quite literally. A terrible and seemingly endless war is…

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Ports of Call (1989)


Take the helm as both a captain and the owner of a transport company. Guide your fleet to safety through…

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