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Kingdom Under Fire (2001)

1.Mar 2020

Experience both RTS and RPG in this unique mix featuring 13 levels. Set in the fantasy land of Bersiah the forces of light and dark battle it out. Hundred years prior to the start of this game, these two forces clashed until the light emerged victorious. Known as the Knights of Xok, the land enjoyed peace. Now, a 100 years later, evil things are brewing again. Curian, the hero of this story, rises to save the day, but he may be in more adventure than he bargained for.

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Netherworld (1988)

Developer: Hewson Consultants

Publisher: Hewson Consultants

17.Jan 2020

In this game you are trapped in Netherworld. With your space ship you have to make your way through different levels with a hostile environment. Under a time limit you…

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Final Fantasy Tactics (1997)

23.Dec 2019

Final Fantasy tar et steg inn 32-bit eraen med en isometrisk verden og endrer landskapet totalt for hva man omtaler serien som. Spillmekanikken er ny, hvor du plasserer styrkene dine…

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Interpose Xmas Greetings (1996)

Developer: Twilight Zone Software

Publisher: Katz Media AS

22.Dec 2019

En spesiell juleversjon av Interpose hvor den onde labfrakken Atnas Sualc (Claus Santa baklengs) har laget egne julenisser og reinsdyr med ett mål for øye; å ta over Nordpolen og…

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Ys III - Wanderers from Ys (1991)

21.Dec 2019

Etter at Adol reddet verden i Ys II, reiser han sammen med sin livslange venn, Dogi, til hjembyen hans Redmont etter å ha hørt rykter om ugang og ondskap der.…

Editor's Choice

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Pocky & Rocky (1992)

Developer: Natsume Co., Ltd. Publisher: Natsume Co., Ltd.

17.12.2011 Meet Shinto Princess Pocky and her racoon Rocky. They must save the land from the…

Random game

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Frontier: First Encounters (1995)

Developer: Frontier Developments

Publisher: GameTek Inc

15.Dec 2009

No game description available yet

Random review

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Pirates! Gold (1993)

Developer: MPS Labs Publisher: Microprose Software, Inc.

13.Dec 2015 Hvis du alltid har hatt lyst å seile din egen sjø har mulighetene aldri vært bedre enn idag. Med kompassnålen…

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