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Etherlords (2001)

A fantasy-themed collectible card game that combines strategic gameplay with elements of role-playing. The story follows the rise of the Etherlords in a world where magic and power intertwine. The game features four factions that vie for control across…

Published: 2.Sep 2023
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Lost Vikings 2: Norse by Norsewest (1997)

Victorious from beating their evil captor in the previous game, Tomator in Lost Vikings, the three vikings Erik, Baleog and Olaf returned home. Things doesn't stay peaceful for long however,…

Published: 31.Jul 2023
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Juka and the Monophonic Menace (2005)

Meet Juka, an alchemist in Obla, a once peaceful land founded by Ancients with access to sound machines. After the Dark Alchemists were defeated when trying to control the ancient…

Published: 29.Jun 2023
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Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic (1987)

Poki and Piki are reading through an ancient storybook that tells about a dream machine that lets everyone have good dreams. However an evil being called Mamu invaded the land…

Published: 4.Jun 2023
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Realms of the Haunting (1996)

The story begins with Adam Randall that has had nightmarish dreams of a house after his father's death which happened under suspicious circumstances. After receiving a parcel from a dubious…

Published: 27.May 2023

Editor's Choice

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Lemmings 2: The Tribes (1993)

The fun little green haired creatures, that'll happily run into danger if you don't stop them, are back! Hellbent on…

Published: 9.Sep 2007

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The Last Battle (1994)

Released in 1994 for the SNES. It's developed by Atelier Double and published by Techiku.

Published: 2.Apr 2023

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Pokémon Red Version (1996)

Developer: Game Freak, Inc. Publisher: Nintendo Co., LTD

Du har endelig fått din helt egne Pokémon-lisens, men du er fullstendig nybegynner! Kun trening vil hjelpe, så sett sandalene…

Published: 16.Dec 2015

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Wing Commander (1990)

Humanity is locked in a war with a race of catlike humanoids calling themselves the "Kilrathi", that are somewhat reminiscent of the Klingons from Star trek. You enroll as a…

Published: 16.Nov 2021
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Command & Conquer (1995)

In the year 2030, the world has discovered an alien substance called Tiberium that's quite valuable. Battling for control over this new resource is the Global Defense Initiative and the…

Published: 11.Oct 2007

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We'll be covering live from the Edison 2023 Demoparty!

We'll be covering live from the Edison 2023 Demoparty!


Together with Ericade Radio we'll be live on the air to cover the Edison 2023 Demo party. Each year has a different theme, and as last year was Data Jungle, we're moving onto the ocean…

12 Days of Christmas 2022 is going on the AIR with Ericade Radio!

12 Days of Christmas 2022 is going on the AIR with Ericade Radio!


Just like in tradition, we'll be kicking off this year's 12 Days of Christmas the 12th of December, which means one game added to the site every day from the 12th to the 23rd of…

Retro Summer Games - 2022!

Retro Summer Games - 2022!


Summer's here and in true style fashion most people are enjoying vacations, some extra spare time and perhaps also time to re-visit some old games from their past. If you're looking for something to play…

Introducing our Music Player!

Introducing our Music Player!


If you've visited The Retro Spirit - Since 1832™ anytime in the past, you may have noticed our audio offering, The Retro Radio. The radio did mostly what you'd think, play tunes from a wide…

12 Days of Christmas 2021 Begins 12th of December!

12 Days of Christmas 2021 Begins 12th of December!


That's right! As usual we're counting down the days to Christmas with our annual 12 Days of Christmas. That means one new game added every day from the 12th to the 23rd of December. This…

Game universes are here!

Game universes are here!


Just like games belongs to one of several categories, some of them also belong to a wider family that all kind of relate to each other. Take The Lion King and Aladdin for instance. While…

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