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Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles (2001)

Action Bizarre Puzzle Platform Horror 3rd person perspective 15.May 2021

A surrealistic action puzzle platformer with a dark, haunting setting. When Cyprien, an orphan, wishes all his friends to 'take a leap', he summons his alter ego that inadvertedly swoops them along with his talking teddy bear, Lenny, away into a world called Undabed. When Cyprien regains his sanity, he needs to figure out what's going on, meet some fantastic creatures in the progress, save his four friends and meet 'The Maker' for the ultimate showdown.

To help Cyprien in his quest, he can transform into Supercyb, a vastly superior form that can shoot lasers, skate around on the…

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Contra (1988)

8.May 2021

The galaxy's fiercest foe, the alien Red Falcon, is hellbent on destroying the universe. Earth's only hope are the members of the Special Forces elite commando squad. You're dropped in…

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Journey to Silius (1990)

1.May 2021

The world's population has grown so fast that a new place is needed. Mankind has thus founded a colony in the Silius solar system, but when terrorists blow up the…

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Sacred Gold (2005)

29.Apr 2021

An isometric roleplaying hack 'n slash in the same vein as Diablo. Choose from one of eight characters including Elves, Mages, Vampires and Seraphim (a form of angel) to save…

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Jetsons: The Computer Game (1992)

9.Apr 2021

Based upon the Hanna-Barbera TV-series from the 90s, we join the Jetsons family in their attempt to escape Dr. Spacely and travel to Las Venus. The game starts with George,…

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Ween: The Propechy (1993)

07.12.2014 Kongeriket "Blue Rocks" er i trøbbel. En ond trollmann, Kraal, må bekjempes hvis verden skal…

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Streets of Rage 2 (1993)

12.Dec 2016

En beat'em up med forbedret grafikk og flere animasjonsdetaljer enn forgjengeren. Etter at gjengen tok ned syndikatet og Mr. X…

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Commander Keen 5: The Armageddon Machine (1991)

Developer: ID Software Publisher: Apogee Software, LTD.

4.Dec 2012 Eventyret til vår unge helt, Billy Blaze, fortsetter i episode 5: «The Armageddon Machine»! Etter å ha redda dei åtte…

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Three of Blizzard's classic games now available in the Blizzard Arcade Collection


Three of Blizzard's original classics are coming to a collection called Blizzard Arcade Collection. The collection includes Rock 'n Roll Racing, The Lost Vikings and Blackthorne. While some of these, like Rock 'n Roll Racing,…

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The Annual 12 Days of Christmas 2020 Begins 12th of December!


That's right! As usual we're counting down the days to Christmas with our annual 12 Days of Christmas. That means one new game added every day from the 12th to the 23rd of December. This…

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Game name aliases are finally here!


Way overdue and long in the making, game name aliases is finally here!!!

With this, we can finally present the games under their original names and not only english. This will help researchers and trivia…

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Summer Gaming Memories


While some may have to change their plans this summer due to the pandemic, some plans don't rely on where you are. You know, reading a book, watching a cartoon perhaps or participating in some…

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The Retro Spirit presents: Game Worlds!


As we've previously played through various old games in our series of Re-visits, of which contains quite the amount of videos, we're now venturing into a new foray. Exploring digital creations and imaginary wonderlands in…

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GoG serves up a healthy dose of free games to help everyone during the pandemic


Good Old Games is just one of many who are serving up free games during the global pandemic. Their list, which include games that have been free for a long time, also hosts a couple…

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