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Kingdom Hearts (2002)

The first game in a collaborative series between Square Enix and Disney mixing JRPG and the Final Fantasy universe with well-known Disney characters. The game starts with Sora, a 14 year old boy who lives carelessly on Destiny Island with…

Published: 15.Jan 2023
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Dewprism (1999)

A story-driven, lighthearted action platformer that features two protagonists, each with their different stories and background. Rue, a swordsman with amnesia who seeks to revive an old dead friend and…

Published: 23.Dec 2022
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Lunar: Silver Star Story (1996)

Long ago, when the world was in chaos, four heroes arose and vanquished the evil within. One of those heroes, Dyne, was a
Dragonmaster. In the city of Burg, a…

Published: 22.Dec 2022
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Suikoden (1995)

A traditional role-playing game with a number of unique features and a story with emphasis on political turmoil. Based somewhat on the Chinese novel Water Margin, which tells the story…

Published: 21.Dec 2022
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Advance Wars (2001)

In a fictional world, four military nations are on the verge of war. The situation reaches critical levels when the commander of the nation Orange Star is accused of attacking…

Published: 20.Dec 2022

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X-COM: Terror from the Deep (1995)

It's been rather peaceful after the XCOM project cleared out the aliens in the first UFO game. But, 40 years…

Published: 15.Dec 2005

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Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse (1989)

A platform and action game both developed and published by Konami. It's a licensed game released in 1989 for the…

Published: 11.Mar 2022

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5 Days a Stranger (2003)

Developer: Fully Ramblomatic Publisher: Fully Ramblomatic

Trilby er en tyv i mesterklassen. Han tar fra de rike og putter det i egen lomme, alltid lenge før…

Published: 21.Dec 2010

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12 Days of Christmas 2022 is going on the AIR with Ericade Radio!

12 Days of Christmas 2022 is going on the AIR with Ericade Radio!


Just like in tradition, we'll be kicking off this year's 12 Days of Christmas the 12th of December, which means one game added to the site every day from the 12th to the 23rd of…

Retro Summer Games - 2022!

Retro Summer Games - 2022!


Summer's here and in true style fashion most people are enjoying vacations, some extra spare time and perhaps also time to re-visit some old games from their past. If you're looking for something to play…

Introducing our Music Player!

Introducing our Music Player!


If you've visited The Retro Spirit - Since 1832™ anytime in the past, you may have noticed our audio offering, The Retro Radio. The radio did mostly what you'd think, play tunes from a wide…

12 Days of Christmas 2021 Begins 12th of December!

12 Days of Christmas 2021 Begins 12th of December!


That's right! As usual we're counting down the days to Christmas with our annual 12 Days of Christmas. That means one new game added every day from the 12th to the 23rd of December. This…

Game universes are here!

Game universes are here!


Just like games belongs to one of several categories, some of them also belong to a wider family that all kind of relate to each other. Take The Lion King and Aladdin for instance. While…

Three of Blizzard's classic games now available in the Blizzard Arcade Collection

Three of Blizzard's classic games now available in the Blizzard Arcade Collection


Three of Blizzard's original classics are coming to a collection called Blizzard Arcade Collection. The collection includes Rock 'n Roll Racing, The Lost Vikings and Blackthorne. While some of these, like Rock 'n Roll Racing,…

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