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King of Fighters '97 (1997)

Arcade Beat 'em up

Developer: SNK Corporation Publisher: SNK Corporation

27.Jun 2020

Fight to be the King of all the 29 Fighters in what was originally an annual fighting series. This fourth installment in the long running series features improved graphics, sounds, new moves and extra modes. There's a story here too with special endings and the options to set gameplay to how the special gauge is charged.

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SimRefinery (1992)

9.Jun 2020

A long lost educational game made for Chevron industries by Maxis that aims to learn the ins and outs of refineries. The game features little in means of build options,…

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Earthsiege (1994)

Developer: Dynamix

Publisher: Sierra On-Line Inc.

20.May 2020

Earth lies in ruin from the evil Cybrids - a rogue AI that quickly decimated all opposition. However all is not lost. You and your squad of HERCULAN warrios must…

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Resident Evil (1996)

Developer: Capcom Co., Ltd.

Publisher: Capcom Co., Ltd.

7.Apr 2020

There are mysterious murders happening in Raccoon City. A special team is sent to investigate, S.T.A.R.S, only to find out that the place is crawling with strange creatures. After…

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Kingdom Under Fire (2001)

1.Mar 2020

Experience both RTS and RPG in this unique mix featuring 13 levels. Set in the fantasy land of Bersiah the forces of light and dark battle it out. Hundred years…

Editor's Choice

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Pirates! Gold (1993)

Developer: MPS Labs Publisher: Microprose Software, Inc.

13.12.2015 Vi skal tilbake til sjøverenes epoke med gull og salt så langt nesen rekker! I…

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Alien Breed (1991)

Developer: Team 17

Publisher: Team 17

12.Dec 2011

No game description available yet

Random review

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Thief: The Dark Project (1998)
6.Dec 2011 Alle spillene jeg til nå har omtalt, har bragt fram kjære og dyrebare minner fra barndommen min. Dette er ikke…

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