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Breath of Fire (1993)
JRPG Fantasy Anime / Manga

I et land langt, langt borte, har freden regjert i tusenvis av år under den fryktfulle drageklanen. Klanen, som består…

Published: 22.Dec 2016
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Chrono Trigger (1995)
3rd person perspective RPG Anime / Manga Top-down Fantasy Sci-fi Strategy (Turn based)

Classic RPG game with a mixture of RTS and TBS combat and miniature games.

Published: 22.Dec 2015
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City Adventure Touch: Mystery of Triangle (1987)
Action Puzzle Anime / Manga Detective / Mystery

Based on the high school and baseball team themed manga Touch, however bears no resemblance to the source material. A…

Published: 30.Mar 2022
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Dewprism (1999)
Action Platform Fantasy Anime / Manga

A story-driven, lighthearted action platformer that features two protagonists, each with their different stories and background. Rue, a swordsman with…

Published: 23.Dec 2022
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EarthBound (1994)
3rd person perspective Isometric perspective Anime / Manga Top-down Strategy (Turn based)

Classic RPG featuring Ness

Published: 21.Dec 2015
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Final Fantasy (1987)
Anime / Manga Fantasy Strategy (Turn based) Adventure JRPG

Verden ligger i et evig mørke. Vinden blåser ikke, havet er alltid uhyggelig og jorden råtner. En eldgammel profeti…

Published: 17.May 2014
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Final Fantasy II (1988)
Anime / Manga RPG Fantasy JRPG

Four youngsters from the kingdom of Fynn named Firion, Maria, Guy and Leon. Maria's, Guy's, and Leon's parents are killed…

Published: 8.Sep 2012
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Final Fantasy III (1990)
Anime / Manga RPG JRPG Strategy (Turn based)

JRPG bare utgitt i Japan. Vi møter fire foreldreløse gutter som under lære av presten Topapa. En dag når "The…

Published: 19.Sep 2016
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Gley Lancer (1992)
Action Sci-fi Shoot em up Anime / Manga

In the year 2025, a war breaks out between humans and a hostile alien race, and 16-year-old Lucia and the…

Published: 26.Aug 2022
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Keio Flying Squadron (1994)
Action Shoot em up Anime / Manga

After Rami's village is attacked she rides into battle on her trusty dragon "spot" to fight off octopie, flying racoons…

Published: 15.Dec 2021
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Kuru Kuru Kururin (2001)
Puzzle Racing Anime / Manga Family friendly

Meet Kururin, a bird-like creature looking for his family that have gone missing. He'll have to rescue them in the…

Published: 13.Dec 2022
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Legend of Mana (1999)
Action RPG 3rd person perspective Anime / Manga Fantasy

Et JRPG utenom det vanlige som setter deg i hovedsetet for hvordan verden skal se ut. Ved å finne magiske…

Published: 1.Jan 2015
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