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Game cover for Resident Evil

Resident Evil

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Developer: Capcom Co., Ltd.
Publisher: Capcom Co., Ltd.
Release year: 1996
Age rating: 18
Platform(s): DOS/Windows platform icon Sony Playstation (PSX) platform icon
Game mode(s):
License: Abandonware
Visits: 844

Resident Evil

There are mysterious murders happening in Raccoon City. A special team is sent to investigate, S.T.A.R.S, only to find out that the place is crawling with strange creatures. After one of them is killed and their helicopter flies away in fear, their only option is to flee. Thankfully they find a mansion for shelter. Safe at last! Or, well so they thought...The terrors haven't even begun!

A survival horror cult classic from Capcom that for the most part defined and shaped the genre. Play as either Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine and figure out what's happening by exploring the mansion. Each room is pre-rendered with fixed camera positions, adding to the tension. Both characters have a limited inventory, and need to place surplus items in storage in order to pick up more, if their inventory space is exceeded. Health is scarce and is managed through mixing of herbs, with a healthy dose of puzzles in between all the terrifying action. A must play!

Published: 07.04 2020 by Coreus

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