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Legend of Djel (1989)
Adventure Bizarre Strategy (Turn based) Fantasy

A bizarre creation only the French knows how to do. You control the Djel, a magi that needs to help…

Published: 5.Dec 2012
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Castlevania (1986)
Action Platform Fantasy

A 2D sidescrolling platformer where you control Belmont that is out to defeat Dracula himself. The game is known for…

Published: 3.Dec 2013
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Future Wars: Adventures in Time (1990)
Adventure Point & Click Puzzle Sci-fi Fantasy

A seemingly normal guy is sent into the adventure of his lifetime when he's transported back in time and have…

Published: 1.Dec 2012
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Little Nemo: The Dream Master (1990)
Action Platform Fantasy

Based upon the comic strip from the 40s, Little Nemo is a kid that is called to Slumberland to save…

Published: 12.Dec 2012
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Beasts 'n Bumpkins (1997)
Humor Strategy (real time) Fantasy

In this real time strategy game you, Lord Mildew, is a poor member of the royal family, that has been…

Published: 8.Dec 2012
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HeroQuest (1991)
RPG Strategy (Turn based) Board Games Fantasy

Once a student of the Mentor, Morcar ignored his master's program and wanted power quickly. Consumed with too much power…

Published: 11.Dec 2012
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Crusader of Centy aka Soleil (1994)
Action Puzzle Fantasy

Way back before time of plants, there existed monsters on earth. When "there was light", most of them died off.…

Published: 20.Apr 2013
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Inner Worlds (1996)
Action Puzzle Platform Horror Fantasy

A non-traditional plattformer where you control Nikita, a human that can transform into a wolf and needs to put an…

Published: 4.Dec 2013
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Magical Tarurūto-kun (1992)
Action Platform Fantasy Anime / Manga

A traditional platformer where you control a magic hero that can throw objects and glide over passages. Published in Japan…

Published: 15.Dec 2013
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Death Gate (1994)
Adventure Point & Click Puzzle Sci-fi Fantasy

Death Gate is an adventure game that follows the tradition of interactive fiction with graphics.
Two thousand years ago, an…

Published: 27.Dec 2013
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Super Castlevania IV (1991)
Action Platform Horror Fantasy

Dracula er ute og rir igjen, og Simon Belmont må stoppe han.

Published: 17.Dec 2013
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Die by the Sword (1998)
Action Adventure Fantasy

Third person slashing game where you have to rescue your girlfriend Maya from evil. It introduced gib targeting, allowing the…

Published: 23.Dec 2013
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Secret of Mana (1993)
Action RPG Fantasy Anime / Manga

En action RPG fra de gode gamle dagene når Square og Enix var to separate selskap. Mana er kilden til…

Published: 8.Mar 2014
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King's Bounty (1990)
Strategy (Turn based) Fantasy

Forgjengeren og inspirasjon til New World Computings Heroes of Might & Magic-serien. Dette er turbasert strategi man best kjenner til…

Published: 19.Apr 2014
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Final Fantasy (1987)
Adventure Strategy (Turn based) Fantasy Anime / Manga JRPG

Verden ligger i et evig mørke. Vinden blåser ikke, havet er alltid uhyggelig og jorden råtner. En eldgammel profeti…

Published: 17.May 2014
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Final Fantasy II (1988)
RPG Fantasy Anime / Manga JRPG

Four youngsters from the kingdom of Fynn named Firion, Maria, Guy and Leon. Maria's, Guy's, and Leon's parents are killed…

Published: 8.Sep 2012
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Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness (1995)
Action Strategy (real time) Fantasy

Kampen om Azeroth er langt fra ferdig, og Blizzard viser oss det neste kapittelet i sagaen om mennesker og orker…

Published: 20.Sep 2014
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The Legend of Zelda (1987)
Adventure Puzzle Fantasy Anime / Manga

I kongeriket kjent som Hyrule må en ung gutt ved navn Link dra ut og samle sammen bitene til Triforce…

Published: 4.Oct 2014
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Alex Kidd in Miracle World (1986)
Action Platform Fantasy

Alex Kidd har slag som kan knuse stein og forkjærlighet for penger. Det vil han trenge dog, når han finner…

Published: 11.Oct 2014
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Companions of Xanth (1993)
Adventure Point & Click Puzzle Fantasy License based

Basert på boken "Demons Don't Dream" av Piers Anthony, hvor to mennesker konkurrerer om et mål uten å vite at…

Published: 11.Dec 2014
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