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5 Days a Stranger (2003)
Puzzle Adventure Horror

5 Days a Stranger er et pek-og-klikk eventyrspill med skrekk-elementer. Trilby, en mestertyv, skal rane et ensomt hus og tror…

Published: 21.Dec 2010
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Aaahh!! Real Monsters (1995)
Action Adventure

Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina will have to prove themselves on the Monster midterm exams if they want to call themselves…

Published: 18.Feb 2023
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Ace Ventura (1996)
Adventure Humor Puzzle Detective / Mystery

Et eventyrspill med actionsekvenser basert på tegneserien ved samme navn. Du spiller dyreetterforskeren Ace Ventura som reiser verden rundt for…

Published: 21.Dec 2017
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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Dragons of Flame (1992)
Action Adventure

Based on an internationally-known AD&D game for the IBM PC, you control 8 characters each with different skills and attributes.…

Published: 2.Mar 2022
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Akagawa Jirō no Yūrei Ressha (1991)
Adventure Puzzle Detective / Mystery

Released in 1991 for the NES, Akagawa Jirou no Yuurei Ressha is an adventure and detective game. It was developed…

Published: 10.Mar 2022
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Akuma no Shōtaijō (1989)
Adventure Puzzle Horror

Developed by Icom Simulations and published by Kemco, Akuma no Shōtaijō is a graphical horror puzzle adventure similar to…

Published: 10.Mar 2022
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Alone in the Dark (1992)
Action Adventure Horror

Designated as one of the very first survival horror games, this polygon based game inspired by the works of H.…

Published: 3.Mar 2006
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Alone in the Dark 2 (1993)
Action Adventure Puzzle Horror

Det er 22. desember 1924, en jente ved navn Grace Saunders har blitt kidnappet og Ted Stryker har gjort det…

Published: 9.Dec 2009
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Amberstar (1992)
Adventure RPG

A traditional cRPG with a vast world to explore.

Published: 12.Dec 2009
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Another World (1991)
Action Adventure Sci-fi

Du tar rollen som Lester, en ung fysikkprofessor som en dag etter et litt uheldig eksperiment befinner seg i en…

Published: 17.Mar 2006
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Baldur's Gate (1998)
RPG Adventure Isometric perspective

Spillet som satte standarden for isometrisk RPG. Historien foregår i the Forgotten Realms, hvor en mystisk jernkrise skaper problemer for…

Published: 3.Jul 2009
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Batman Returns (1993)
Action Adventure

An adventure and action game both developed and published by Konami. It's a licensed game released in 1993 for the…

Published: 24.Mar 2022
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