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Hitman: Codename 47 (2000)
Action Thirdperson shooter Stealth Espionage

Waking up in some unknown cell with only a barcode on his back, Agent 47 is a genetically enhanced clone…

Published: 12.Feb 2023
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Metal Gear Solid (1998)
Action Sci-fi Stealth Espionage

Et anlegg for atomavfall på Shadow Moses Island i Alaska har blitt tatt over av Next Generation Special Forces ledet…

Published: 30.Aug 2014
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The Operative: No One Lives Forever (2000)
Action FPS Humor Stealth

Jump into the shoes of Cate Archer the first ever female agent employed to U.N.I.T.Y - a secret espionage agency.…

Published: 23.Dec 2020
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