The Retro Spirit - Since 1832™ API

Hello and welcome to The Retro Spirit - Since 1832™ API! This free service allows you to tap into a well of information using our handy endpoints!

The API is organized around REST. It has predictable, resource-oriented URLs and uses HTTP response codes to incidate results and errors. All request and response bodies are encoded in JSON, including errors.

Access to consume resource endpoints are done by making HTTPS request to a specific endpoint. GET methods dictate how you interact with the endpoints.

Terms of Use

The Retro Spirit - Since 1832™ API is a free service provided for educational and research purposes only. Use of this service means you understand our disclaimer, licensing and FAQ.

Access to any endpoints starts with an user account. If you don't have one already, create one here. Each account comes with their own API key, which you'll provide for each endpoint. You can find that on your profile page once logged in.

The service cannot be used for commercial means, and any use is licensed under our Creative Commons NC-ND License . This free service is run on a humble basis. That means any misuse, including, but not limited to, abuse, plagiarism, creating competing resources or excessive requests, will get you banned and reported. We highly recommend caching results from the service on your end.

Also please note that the licensing agreement is repeated (as in the result) for each endpoint.


All content, excluding some cover art, unless otherwise stated are copyright © The Retro Spirit - Since 1832™. All content is licensed under a Creative Commons NC-ND License .

Result Structure

Responses from endpoints are structurized in a common, familiar way. Each has a results block, license and message part.

Results contain zero or more results, naturally.

License is the licensing reminder for the service.

Message is any message provided by the consumed endpoint. For instance, searches with more than 3 results will tell you that "Results are limited to 3".

Available Endpoints

Random Image

Retrieve a random image from the archives of The Retro Spirit - Since 1832™.

Endpoint: /api/random-image?key=YOUR_API_KEY
Example Result:
/api/random-image image

Search for games on the site. Results are limited to a maximum of 3.

Endpoint: /api/search/freetext/term?key=YOUR_API_KEY
Example Result:
/api/search/freetext/final fantasy image

Game info

Retrieves a specific game entry, identified by a slug and ID. Result is singular only.

Endpoint: /api/game/slug/ID?key=
Example Result
/api/search/game/flashback-the-quest-for-identity/399 image