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Alien Soldier (1995)


Året er 2015 og planeten Sierra er under terroristene Xi-Tigers kontroll. Epsilon-Eagle, en fryktinngyvende kriger med en seriøst arsenal sendes…

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Bass Masters Classic (1995)


Participate in a classic fishing tournament where your lures, rods, boat skills and general fish-sense all come in to play!…

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Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse (1990)


The first foray of the famous Mickey Mouse on Sega consoles has him chasing after Mizrabel after she's kidnapped Minnie!…

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Chakan (1992)


Chakan har blitt dømt til å vandre i evigheter uten muligheten til å dø. Det er han ikke helt enig…

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College Football USA 96 (1996)


Think you've got the muscle to mow down the opposition? Test your strength in American Football college style with 108…

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Crusader of Centy aka Soleil (1994)


Way back before time of plants, there existed monsters on earth. When "there was light", most of them died off.…

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Daze Before Christmas (1994)


A typical plattformer where you have to reassemble your former crew of elves who have been kidnapped through 24 levels…

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Dynamite Headdy (1994)


Ta opp kampen mot onde demoner med hodet ditt! I en plattformer ulikt veldig mange andre må du bytte ut…

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Ecco the Dolphin (1993)


Når en enorm virvelvind kidnapper alle vennene til Ecco, må han sette ut i det store havet for å finne…

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Ecco: The Tides of Time (1994)


For å kunne gjenopprette Asterittene og endelig slå ned Virveldronningen, må Ecco atter en gang
reise fremover i tiden…

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Golden Axe (1989)


Selveste klassikeren fra Arcade-dagene hvor du styrer enten en barbar, dverg eller amazon. Det er en historie her om skurken…

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Lotus: The Ultimate Challenge (1993)


Jump behind the wheel in one of three high performance Lotus Sports cars, the Elan, the M200 or the Esprit…

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