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Game cover for Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse

Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse

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Release year: 1990
Age rating: 7
Platform(s): Sega Mega Drive platform icon Sega Master System platform icon
Game mode(s):
License: Abandonware
Visits: 640

Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse

The first foray of the famous Mickey Mouse on Sega consoles has him chasing after Mizrabel after she's kidnapped Minnie! You must collect seven gems of the rainbow in order to gain access to the tower where Minnie's being held and to face the evil Witch Mizrabel once and for all. Gameplay is traditional platformer fare, with some levels featuring interesting mechanics like turning the level upside-down and fruity graphics and animations. There's also a practice mode that turns down the difficulty and features less levels.

Published: 26.07 2020 by Coreus

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