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5 Days a Stranger (2003)


5 Days a Stranger er et pek-og-klikk eventyrspill med skrekk-elementer. Trilby, en mestertyv, skal rane et ensomt hus og tror…

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Ace Ventura (1996)


Et eventyrspill med actionsekvenser basert på tegneserien ved samme navn. Du spiller dyreetterforskeren Ace Ventura som reiser verden rundt for…

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American McGee's Alice (2000)


Action platformer inspired by the works of Lewis Carroll and running on a modified Quake 3 engine. Shortly after Alice…

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Beasts 'n Bumpkins (1997)


In this real time strategy game you, Lord Mildew, is a poor member of the royal family, that has been…

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Civilization II (1996)


Dette er et turnbasert strategispill fra Microprose.

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Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun (1999)


No game description available yet

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Congo: Descent Into Zinj (1995)


Congo is an adventure game adapted from a movie (adapted from a book by Michael Crichton). In contemporary Congo, you…

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Depict1 (2010)


No game description available yet

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Deus Ex (2000)


En FPS fra legenden Warren Spector hvor du selv bestemmer hvordan du vil møte oppdragene, hvem du skyter og hvem…

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Die by the Sword (1998)


Third person slashing game where you have to rescue your girlfriend Maya from evil. It introduced gib targeting, allowing the…

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Dink Smallwood (1998)


An action RPG colored by dark humor. It's almost a parody of traditional RPGs, featuring a satirical look at story,…

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DMCA's Sky (2016)


Et spill inspirert av No Man's Sky laget på 72 timer for Ludum Dare. Du styrer rompiloten Finn som må…

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