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Hugo 2 - Whodunit? (1991)

Adventure 07.12.2009

No game description available yet

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Jones in the Fast Lane (1991)

Arcade Simulation 22.11.2005

Lær deg å tjene penger fra bunnen av i denne jobbsimulatoren fra Sierra! Du starter i det små, typisk på…

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Leander (1991)

Action Platform 17.12.2016

En ond trollmann ved navn Thanathos har tatt prinsessen Lucanna. Thanathos har selvfølgelig også onde planer, som for eksempel å…

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Mega Man 4 (1991)

Action Platform Sci-fi 24.08.2012

After Dr. Wily is presumed dead after the explosion in the previous game, a new evil rises. Dr. Cossack sends…

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Might and Magic III: Isles of Terra (1991)

Roleplay 01.09.2012

Lead a party of hand-picked adventurers to a rendezvous with the legendary wizard Corak. From dark, moldy dungeons, through corridors…

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Mixed-Up Fairy Tales (1991)

Adventure Educational Point & Click Puzzle 05.12.2007

Eventyrene er alle blandet sammen i denne eventyrserien fra Sierra for barn.

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Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge (1991)

Adventure Point & Click Puzzle Humor 15.01.2006

In the sequel to The Secret of Monkey Island we once again meet up with Guybrush, this time a little…

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Obitus (1991)

Fantasy Point & Click Platform Roleplay 16.12.2018

I Obitus styrer du Wil Mason som har blitt sendt til fantasilandet Middlemere. Han må finne ut hvordan han kom…

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Once Upon A Time: Little Red Riding Hood (1991)

Point & Click Adventure Educational 20.12.2016

I dette lærespillet tar du rollen som enten Rødhette eller Ulven i en interaktiv fortelling om det klassiske eventyret. Som…

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Police Quest 3: The Kindred (1991)

Adventure 15.12.2011

No game description available yet

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Power Blade (1991)

Action Sci-fi Platform Shoot em up Cyberpunk 08.07.2013

In 2191, Earth's blissfull existence was governed by a master computer. Then one day, something went wrong...

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Prehistorik (1991)

Platform Action 06.09.2006

Platformer set in the stone age where you controle a half naked bearded guy who has to find food and…

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