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Legend of Myra (1992)

13.Mar 2009

Du husker kanskje Rockford, han graveglade fyren fra Boulderdash? En real hit tilbake på tidlig 80-tall. Denne typen spill har…

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Lemmings (1992)

8.Nov 2005

Considered as the founder of an iconic franchise and was hugely popular both on Amiga, the C64 and DOS. Help…

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Lemmings 2: The Tribes (1993)

9.Sep 2007

No game description available yet

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Little Big Adventure (1994)

29.Jun 2007

Help Twinsen, a young Quetch escape the claws of Dr. FunFrock and fight his evil endeavours of cloning and teleportation.…

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Lode Runner (1984)

14.Apr 2022

Released in 1984 for the NES, Lode Runner is a licensed platform, action and puzzle game. It was both developed…

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Loom (1990)

6.Dec 2005

I Loom tar du rollen som 17 år gamle Bobbin Threadbare, en ung mann fra vevernes klan (Guild of Weavers).…

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Loopz (1990)

14.Apr 2022

A strategy and puzzle game developed by Audiogenic Software and published by Mindscape. It's a licensed game released in 1990…

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Lost Eden (1995)

1.May 2011

Et eventyrspill utenom det vanlige hvor vi møter Adam of Mo, som er utvalgt til å lede mennesker og dinosaurer…

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Lost in Time (1993)

19.Jan 2006

Du er fortapt i en tidsreise! Når er du? Du styrer Doralice som har blitt sendt tilbake til 1840-tallet for…

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Lot Lot (1985)

14.Apr 2022

Lot Lot is a licensed puzzle game released in 1985 for the NES, developed by Irem and published by Tokuma…

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Lure of the Temptress (1992)

14.Nov 2005

The medieval town of Turnvale has fallen into the hands of the evil sorceress Selena. You control Diermot in this…

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Magical Pop'n (1995)

14.Nov 2021

Toaru Kingdom is a peaceful place, and the Castle houses The Magical Gem; a stone that provides the owner with…

73 - 84 of 145