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4D Sports Boxing (1991)

Boksesimulator med alle polygonene du trenger for å banke motstanderen din i tre dimensjoner! Du starter på jumboplass og må…

Published: 20.Dec 2008
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4D Sports Tennis (1990)
Sports Simulation

Play tennis in all the dimensions!

Published: 26.Apr 2009
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688 Attack Sub (1991)

Be the admiral of your very own sub and fight threats in the cold waters across the globe.

Published: 3.Dec 2005
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Abuse (1995)
Action Platform Shoot em up

Hidden away underground, far away from all civilization there exists a prison that experiment on a gene called Abuse, which…

Published: 26.Apr 2008
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Actua Soccer (1995)
Sports Soccer

Det første spillet i Actua-serien som hengte seg på 3D-bølgen med ekte akselerert grafikk og flere kameravinkler. Du kan spille…

Published: 21.Jul 2016
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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Dragons of Flame (1992)
Action Adventure

Based on an internationally-known AD&D game for the IBM PC, you control 8 characters each with different skills and attributes.…

Published: 2.Mar 2022
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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Heroes of the Lance (1991)
Action Fantasy

Heroes of the Lance is the first official AD&D game in the Dragons of Despair DRAGONLANCE module to be released…

Published: 2.Mar 2022
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Air Bucks (1992)

No game description available yet

Published: 20.Dec 2010
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Albion (1995)

Take the role of Tom Driscoll, the captain of a ship tasked with exploring a supposedly desert planet for rich…

Published: 19.Dec 2009
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Alien Breed (1991)
Action Sci-fi Shoot em up Horror

No game description available yet

Published: 12.Dec 2011
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Alien Breed: Tower Assault (1994)
Action Shoot em up Thirdperson shooter

In the sequel to Alien Breed a research station has been attacked. Who or what are behind them are unknown,…

Published: 27.Apr 2006
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All New World of Lemmings (1994)
Puzzle Strategy (real time) Humor

Lemmings is an iconic puzzle game where you have to think fast to overcome levels. Assign various job roles to…

Published: 31.Aug 2012
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