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Carrier Command (1989)
Simulation Strategy (real time)

Control the massive massive ship ACC Epsilon and take control over the islands before the enemy and their ACC Omega…

Published: 28.Nov 2005
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Street Rod (1989)
Action Racing

Look through newspapers to find parts for your car and participate in races to build even better ones!

Published: 24.Jan 2006
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Prince of Persia (1989)
Platform Action

You've got 60 minutes to save the Princess from the evil Vizier. Test your skills in the ultimate fighting platformer…

Published: 11.Feb 2006
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SimCity (1989)

Bygg den perfekte byen i tidenes første bysimulator fra legendariske Maxis.

Published: 9.Oct 2006
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Test Drive II - The Duel (1989)
Racing Simulation

Ingen setter deg mer i førersetet, enn den solide og 'virkelighetsnære' bilsimulator-serien Test Drive. Det var noe helt spesielt å…

Published: 3.Dec 2006
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Stormlord (1989)
Action Platform

The evil Queen Badh is controlling the land and has kidnapped all the fairies! You, the mighty Stormlord has been…

Published: 13.Dec 2006
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Populous (1989)
Strategy (real time) Simulation Prehistoric era

Be your own God! Control a small civilization and help it grow to defeat your rival Gods in the first…

Published: 5.Oct 2007
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Hole-In-One Miniature Golf (1989)

Miniatyrgolf i eventyrland med fantastiske omgivelser. Konkurrer med venner om å slå færrest slag i denne nokså underholdende simulatoren.

Published: 12.May 2008
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Bubble Bobble (1989)
Arcade Platform

Follow Bub and Bob, who've been trapped in a magical cave by the evil Baron von Blubba. To escape and…

Published: 17.May 2008
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Rick Dangerous (1989)
Action Platform

No game description available yet

Published: 6.Dec 2008
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Stunt Car Racer (1989)

No game description available yet

Published: 10.Dec 2008
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Codename Iceman (1989)
Simulation Adventure Point & Click

A classic Sierra adventure with points and text inputs for commands. When on vacation, Johnny Westland is called in for…

Published: 18.Dec 2009
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Eye of Horus (1989)
Platform Puzzle

Puzzle platformer where you control Horus on a quest to ressurrect, Osiris, by collecting pieces of him. Travel around dozens…

Published: 1.Dec 2010
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Hoyle Official Book of Games: Volume 1 (1989)
Board Games Card Games

Compete in various card games with familiar faces from various Sierra games of the time.

Published: 6.Dec 2010
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Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? (1989)
Educational Puzzle

No game description available yet

Published: 10.Dec 2010
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Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure (1989)
Point & Click

Året er 1938 og Professor Henry Jones – din far – har forsvunnet under et oppdrag. Du blir således kastet…

Published: 15.Dec 2010
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Super Solvers: Midnight Rescue! (1989)
Educational Horror Puzzle

No game description available yet

Published: 30.Oct 2011
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1989)

April Ryan har blitt kidnappet og det er opp til de fire mutantskilpaddene Rafael, Leonardo, Micheangelo og Donatello og redde…

Published: 16.Dec 2011
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Duck Tales (1989)
Action Platform

Traditional platforming with Scrooge McDuck in his hunt for precious treasures around the globe. This quest will lead him to…

Published: 1.Dec 2013
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Legend of Djel (1989)
Adventure Bizarre Fantasy Strategy (Turn based)

A bizarre creation only the French knows how to do. You control the Djel, a magi that needs to help…

Published: 5.Dec 2012
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