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Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee (1997)
Action Sci-fi Puzzle Platform

Atmosfærisk plattformer hvor Abe må rømme fra Rupture Farms når han finner ut at det er arbeiderne som brukes som…

Published: 21.Aug 2010
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PSI-5 Trading Company (1985)
Sci-fi Simulation Strategy (real time)

Take the role of the Captain of a space freighter to to deliver various cargo around the frontier! Choose your…

Published: 27.Mar 2009
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Tyrian 2000 (1999)
Action Arcade Shoot em up

No game description available yet

Published: 17.May 2009
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Ignition (1997)
Racing Action

No game description available yet

Published: 23.Dec 2009
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Genewars (1996)
Strategy (real time) Sci-fi Humor

Krysspolinér deg gjennom galaksen til å bli den ultimate hersker! Gjennom å krysse arter kan du bygge deg opp en…

Published: 22.Apr 2012
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Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars (1996)
Adventure Point & Click Puzzle

Eventyrspill i en mer voksen stil enn Monkey Island, og tar historiefortelling til ett nytt nivå.

Published: 25.Dec 2012
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The Chessmaster 3000 (1991)

The next installment in the premiere series about chess that offers many more options.

Published: 5.Dec 2013
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Deluxe Ski Jump (2001)
Sports 3rd person perspective

Vis hva du kan i den ultimate skihoppsimulatoren for DOS! Opp mot 16 spillere kan spille mot hverandre i verdenscupen…

Published: 10.Jun 2016
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Liero (1998)
Action Shoot em up Remake

Idéen om å skyte seg til topps, mann mot mann og orm mot orm, er like gammel som hest og…

Published: 18.Dec 2017
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Legacy of the Wizard (1987)
Action Platform Fantasy

The ancient dragon Keela that's magically sealed inside a painting is about to get out. In an attempt to destroy…

Published: 18.Dec 2020
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MDK (Murder, Death, Kill) (1997)
Action Shoot em up Sci-fi

Aliens har shippet åtte enorme installasjoner for å ødelegge jorden og det er opp til Kurt å redde den -…

Published: 27.Jan 2006
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Ports of Call (1989)
Simulation Strategy (real time)

Take the helm as both a captain and the owner of a transport company. Guide your fleet to safety through…

Published: 31.Mar 2021
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Theme Hospital (1997)
Simulation Strategy (real time) Humor

It's a matter of laugh or death in the sequel to Bullfrog's best-selling Theme Park. Design, maintain and cure all…

Published: 13.Dec 2013
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Big Red Racing (1994)

Goofy racing game with a humor and a broad selection of veichles and tracks.

Published: 24.Dec 2012
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Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars (1996)
Adventure RPG Strategy (Turn based)

For the first and, as of yet, only time in the series, the campaign is split into two branches of…

Published: 23.Dec 2010
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X-COM: Apocalypse (1997)
Strategy (real time) Strategy (Turn based) Action RPG

The human race is once again threatened, but this time the defense part is focused down to one city.

Published: 8.Dec 2010
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Resident Evil (1996)
Action Puzzle Horror 3rd person perspective Survival Horror

There are mysterious murders happening in Raccoon City. A special team is sent to investigate, S.T.A.R.S, only to find…

Published: 7.Apr 2020
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Transport Tycoon Deluxe (1995)
Strategy (real time)

Become the ultimate transport mogul in an improved version of the original Transport Tycoon. Strategize your infrastructure to transport goods…

Published: 12.Jun 2011
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