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Abuse (1995)

Action Platform Shoot em up
26.Apr 2008

Hidden away underground, far away from all civilization there exists a prison that experiment on a gene called Abuse, which…

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Actua Soccer (1995)

Sports Soccer
21.Jul 2016

Det første spillet i Actua-serien som hengte seg på 3D-bølgen med ekte akselerert grafikk og flere kameravinkler. Du kan spille…

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Albion (1995)

19.Dec 2009

Take the role of Tom Driscoll, the captain of a ship tasked with exploring a supposedly desert planet for rich…

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Alien Soldier (1995)

Action Shoot em up Sci-fi
22.Dec 2018

Året er 2015 og planeten Sierra er under terroristene Xi-Tigers kontroll. Epsilon-Eagle, en fryktinngyvende kriger med en seriøst arsenal sendes…

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Anvil of Dawn (1995)

27.Aug 2011

No game description available yet

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Bass Masters Classic (1995)

Sports Fishing
5.Jun 2021

Participate in a classic fishing tournament where your lures, rods, boat skills and general fish-sense all come in to play!…

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Bust-A-Move (1995)

Arcade Humor Puzzle
3.Sep 2019

Bub og Bob er tilbake fra Bubble Bobble og denne gangen skyter de bobler oppover på skjermen for å matche…

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Call of Chtulhu: Prisoner of Ice (1995)

Horror Point & Click
3.Sep 2010

No game description available yet

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Capitalism (1995)

18.Dec 2012

Game about money!

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Championship Manager 2 (1995)

Sports Simulation
13.Jun 2010

Become the ultimate football manager buy buying and selling players just at the right time.

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Cheat Machine 2.03 (1995)

Trainer / Patcher Textbased
12.Dec 2010

No game description available yet

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Chrono Trigger (1995)

3rd person perspective RPG Anime / Manga Top-down Fantasy Sci-fi Strategy (Turn based)
22.Dec 2015

Classic RPG game with a mixture of RTS and TBS combat and miniature games.

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