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QuackShot starring Donald Duck (1991)


Donald finner et gammelt skattekart på kontoret til Onkel Skrue og bestemmer seg for å reise ut i verden å…

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Quik the Thunder Rabbit (1994)


No game description available yet

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Rainbow Islands (1990)


Oppfølgeren til Bubble Bobble lar deg kontrollere de små kidsa Bub og Bob som viste seg å ikke være dinosaurer…

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Rayman (1995)


A villanous Mr. Dark that threatens world. Even if Rayman got no arms or legs that won't stop him from…

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Rick Dangerous (1989)


No game description available yet

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Rick Dangerous 2 (1990)


No game description available yet

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Ristar (1995)


Ristar the Shooting Star must save the universe from Kaiser Greedy whose brainwashed all leaders of each planet in this…

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S.O.S (1993)


The year is 1921 and a luxury liner, Lady Crithania, is hit by a gigantic wave causing her to capsize.…

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Santa Claus in Trouble (2002)


Santa Claus has lost all his packets the night before Christmas and it falls to you to help him in…

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Santa Claus in Trouble...again! (2004)


It's Christmas and that means that this guy once again is in trouble! Does he ever learn? Control Santa Claus…

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Shantae (2002)


Den lille byen Scuttle Town aner fred og liten fare når Risky Boots, en frekk pirat, angriper byen. Heldigvis har…

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Snake Rattle 'n' Roll (1991)


No game description available yet

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