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Claw (1997)

18.Dec 2021

Captain Claw or Nathaniel Joseph Claw as his fullname entails, is a legendary captain of the Seven Seas, sniffing up…

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Diablo (1997)

9.Jul 2007

Noe skummelt lurer i kirken i Tristram og det er opp til noen få eventyrere å finne ut hva som…

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Diablo II (2000)

25.Sep 2021

After Tristram was saved, the hero who killed Diablo has been troubled, becoming increasingly reserved. One day he just disappears,…

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Sacred Gold (2005)

29.Apr 2021

An isometric roleplaying hack 'n slash in the same vein as Diablo. Choose from one of eight characters including Elves,…

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Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys (1993)

22.Dec 2021

Taking place shortly after the end of Ys II and the defeat of Darm, Adol and his friend Dogi return…

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