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Metal Gear (1987)
Action Humor Espionage Top-down

En liten ekstremistgruppe ved navn "Outer Heaven" truer vesten med ødeleggelse gjennom et nytt prototypevåpen ved navn Metal Gear -…

Published: 31.May 2015
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Zanac (1987)
Shoot em up Top-down

Developed by Compile and published by FCI, Zanac is a licensed game that was released in 1987 for the NES.

Published: 21.May 2022
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Sword of Vermilion (1989)
Action Adventure RPG Fantasy Top-down 3rd person perspective Hack 'n Slash

Assume the son of Erik, King of Excalabria, on a quest to collect eight rings of good and challenge the…

Published: 16.Dec 2022
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Kickle Cubicle (1990)
Puzzle Strategy (real time) Top-down

Colorfull puzzle game

Published: 23.Dec 2014
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Volfied (1991)
Action Arcade Sci-fi Strategy (real time) Top-down

The world of Volfied is under attack from alien invaders. With the help of the space ship Monotros your objective…

Published: 1.Aug 2021
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Super Smash T.V. (1992)
Action Sci-fi Shoot em up Top-down

Året er 1999 og TV-underholdning har tatt en litt radikal høyresving inn mot ekstremt voldelige show. Et har dominert flimreboksene…

Published: 18.Dec 2018
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Soldier Blade (1992)
Shoot em up Top-down

The Reconnaisance Fleet has returned after three years in deep space, but they've been consumed by alien life forms known…

Published: 17.Dec 2020
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Twinkle Tale (1992)
Shoot em up Anime / Manga Top-down

Take control of Saria, who must travel through nine worlds in the land of Alpherion to rescue wizards in each…

Published: 14.Dec 2022
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Major Stryker (1993)
Action Shoot em up Top-down

En av Apogees tidlige forsøk på vertikale shoot 'em ups, med kun tre verdener og EGA-grafikk. En lavkarbo diett med…

Published: 6.Sep 2015
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Space Hulk (1993)
Action FPS Sci-fi Strategy (real time) License based Top-down

The second computer game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe created by Games Workshop, adapted from the 1989 board game…

Published: 19.Dec 2020
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The Chaos Engine (1993)
Action Shoot em up Steampunk Top-down Robots

If making an artificial intelligence with knowledge from the future sounds like a good idea, Baron Fortesque wants a word.…

Published: 10.Jul 2021
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Zone 66 (1993)
Action Shoot em up Top-down

A young hero is running back to his loved ones, only to see the city nuked and his loved ones…

Published: 13.Dec 2023
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EarthBound (1994)
Strategy (Turn based) Anime / Manga Top-down 3rd person perspective Isometric perspective

Classic RPG featuring Ness

Published: 21.Dec 2015
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Dark Legions (1994)
Action Strategy (real time) Strategy (Turn based) Fantasy Top-down

Strategi i fantasiland slik SSI og Silicon Knights ser for seg det. Velg blant 16 forskjellige karakterer og sett sammen…

Published: 20.Dec 2017
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Flying Tigers (1994)
Action Arcade Shoot em up Top-down

The year is 2047 and terrorists using extortion on technology is roaming the planet. Using highly advanced technology they threaten…

Published: 12.Dec 2023
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Chrono Trigger (1995)
RPG Sci-fi Strategy (Turn based) Fantasy Anime / Manga Top-down 3rd person perspective

Classic RPG game with a mixture of RTS and TBS combat and miniature games.

Published: 22.Dec 2015
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M.A.X - Mechanized Assault & Exploration (1996)
Action Sci-fi Strategy (real time) Strategy (Turn based) Top-down

Ditt oppdrag: kolonisere nye verdener lang unna. Som en Mission Commander skal du og din M.A.X. hær inn i kampens…

Published: 25.Dec 2014
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Pokémon Red Version (1996)
Action Strategy (Turn based) Top-down

Du har endelig fått din helt egne Pokémon-lisens og du må ut i verden for å bli verdens beste. Det…

Published: 16.Dec 2015
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Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain (1996)
Action RPG Top-down Hack 'n Slash 2.5D perspective (Pseudo 3D)

The game follows the story of Kain, a nobleman who is brutally murdered and then resurrected as a vampire. Driven…

Published: 3.Feb 2024
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Project Paradise (1997)
Action Shoot em up Top-down

The world is in rough shape as it's ruled by an evil syndicate, Cyberlink Technologies. Streets have turned ruthless as…

Published: 25.Jun 2022
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