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Game cover for Soldier Blade

Soldier Blade

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Developer: Hudson Soft, LTD.
Publisher: Hudson Soft, LTD.
Release year: 1992
Age rating: 7
Platform(s): Nec Turbografx 16 platform icon
Game mode(s):
License: Abandonware
Visits: 183

Soldier Blade

The Reconnaisance Fleet has returned after three years in deep space, but they've been consumed by alien life forms known as the Zeograde Army and now come to attack earth! You control the Soldier Blade, an advanced space fighter to join the Super Interception Airforce to fend off the alien life forms in this top-down shoot'em up. Alongside you there are upgradeable robotic mechas, or Bias drives, that allows you to increase your area of damage and use them as shields for incoming bullets. Furthermore, there are three different projectile types: Green that go in a wavey pattern, the regular bullets and lasers. Sacrificing a Bias drive allows you to fire off super moves that vary depending on the type of upgrade it is. Alongside the normal campaign, there's also 2-minute and 5-minute modes where you compete to get the highest score.

Published: 17.12 2020 by Coreus

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