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Game cover for Jetsons: The Computer Game

Jetsons: The Computer Game

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Release year: 1992
Age rating: all
Platform(s): DOS platform icon Amiga platform icon Commodore 64 platform icon
Game mode(s):
License: Abandonware
Visits: 172

Jetsons: The Computer Game

Based upon the Hanna-Barbera TV-series from the 90s, we join the Jetsons family in their attempt to escape Dr. Spacely and travel to Las Venus. The game starts with George, who has to do some repairs in the work place. After each escape you control the next member of the family. Levels are broken up in a puzzle fashion, where you have to figure out where to go and what to pick up, all while keeping an eye on your energy and the remaining time. There are 8 different levels, each start with running around avoiding hazards and collecting and interacting with objects, the other a simple space simulator.

Published: 09.04 2021 by Coreus

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