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Final Fantasy III (1990)

Developer: Square Co., Ltd.

Publisher: Square Co., Ltd.

Anime/Manga Roleplay JRPG Strategy (Turn based) 19.09.2016

JRPG bare utgitt i Japan. Vi møter fire foreldreløse gutter som under lære av presten Topapa. En dag når "The…

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Future Wars: Adventures in Time (1990)

Adventure Sci-fi Puzzle Point & Click Fantasy 01.12.2012

A seemingly normal guy is sent into the adventure of his lifetime when he's transported back in time and have…

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Gargoyle's Quest (1990)

Developer: Capcom Co., Ltd.

Publisher: Capcom Co., Ltd.

Action Platform Roleplay 13.12.2017

Du er Firebrand, den røde øglen kjent for å plage spillere i Ghost 'n Goblins for alt det er verdt.…

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Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990)

Developer: Sunsoft

Publisher: Sun Corporation of America

Action Horror 11.03.2012

No game description available yet

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Hugo's House of Horrors (1990)

Adventure 03.12.2009

Hugo's girlfriend has disappeared after babysitting in a halloween inspired horror house. It's up to you to find her and…

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Kickle Cubicle (1990)

Puzzle Strategy (real time) Top-down 23.12.2014

Colorfull puzzle game

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King's Bounty (1990)

Fantasy Strategy (Turn based) 19.04.2014

Forgjengeren og inspirasjon til New World Computings Heroes of Might & Magic-serien. Dette er turbasert strategi man best kjenner til…

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King's Quest V: Absences Makes the Heart Go Yonder! (1990)

Adventure Point & Click Puzzle 22.12.2008

When the castle in kingdom Daventry suddenly vanishes, it's up to Sir Graham and his owl friend Cedric to embark…

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Life and Death II: The Brain (1990)

Educational Simulation 28.06.2014

Hvis du noen gang har ønsket å rote rundt i folks hoder uten å nødvendigvis være hverken utdannet eller mentalt…

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Little Nemo: The Dream Master (1990)

Developer: Capcom U.S.A., Inc.

Publisher: Capcom Co., Ltd.

Action Platform Fantasy 12.12.2012

Based upon the comic strip from the 40s, Little Nemo is a kid that is called to Slumberland to save…

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Loom (1990)

Developer: Lucasfilm Games

Publisher: Lucasfilm Games

Adventure Point & Click Puzzle 06.12.2005

I Loom tar du rollen som 17 år gamle Bobbin Threadbare, en ung mann fra vevernes klan (Guild of Weavers).…

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Mega Man 3 (1990)

Developer: Capcom Co., Ltd.

Publisher: Capcom Co., Ltd.

Action Platform Sci-fi Shoot em up 12.04.2011

No game description available yet

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