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tri-Ace Inc.

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Star Ocean (1996)

21.Dec 2021

Life is peaceful in the medieval town of Clatos. Ratix, together with his best friends Milly and Dorn they have a fulfilling life coming from a heritage of warriors and healers. But, things never stay peaceful. When a strange disease…

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Star Ocean: The Second Story (1998)

23.Dec 2021

A deadly meteorite has been hurled towards the unsuspecting planet of Expel, as The Gods are out to destroy the universe. Play as either Claude or Rena in each with their own unique backstories that cross paths. Two destinies take…

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Valkyrie Profile (1999)

23.Dec 2016

Det brygger opp til krig i Midgard og Odin sender Valkyrien Lenneth for å finne krigere, såkalte Einherjere. Dette er mennesker som har dødd på en eller annen ekstraordinær måte. Spillet kombinerer plattform-, og turbasert kampstrategi - unikt for…

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