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Street Fighter Alpha 2

Game cover for Street Fighter Alpha 2
Release year
Also known as
  • Street Fighter Zero 2

    Japan - Game name in Japan

Age rating
7 and above
Game mode(s)
No modes defined

Street Fighter Alpha 2

DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES?The bad boys from the Street Fighter series are back for more fisticuffs of fury! Eighteen different combatants, some old and some new, are here to lay claim to the title "World's Best." Screamin' moves like Ken's Dragon Punch, Adon's Jaguar Tooth and M. Bison's Somersault Skull Driver will blow you away! Play alone or pummel a friend in two-player simultaneous action. This ain't no cakewalk. This is Street Fight Alpha 2 and it's blazing on your Super NES! Two-player simultaneous play! Two game modes 18 fighters 32 megs of power

Street Fighter Alpha 2 is action and fighting game released in 1996 for the SNES, both developed and published by Capcom. Also known as Street Fighter Zero 2 in Japan.
Published: 02.04 2023 by Coreus

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