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Adeline Software International was a video game developer founded in February 1993 as a daughter company of Delphine Software International and was based in Lyon, France. The team mostly came from Infogrames, another French video game company, after a disagreement about sequels of the Alone in the Dark bestseller.

In their roughly 10 years of existence they only developed 4 games, two of which were the highly regarded Little Big Adventure games.

After the release of Little Big Adventure 2 in 1997, the company slowly went quiet, and in July, the core team was sold to Sega, becoming No Cliché. No Cliché was established as a "1.5 party" developer, 100% owned by Sega France, and tasked with producing "European" games for the European market.

In 2001, Sega Europe eventually decided to stop development of many Dreamcast European games, causing the company to cease development on its current project at the time, Agartha, a horror/adventure game.

No Cliché remained together for a little while after the cancellation, attempting to create a PC port of Toy Commander. However, the group split before it could be finished. Years after the apparent demise of Adeline, the brand was revived in 2002 by Delphine. However, no members from the original Adeline staff were involved in the development.

Source: Sega Retro