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Delphine Software

Company logo

A French developer, founded by Paul de Senneville and Paul Cuisset in 1988. It was the video game arm of Senneville's music company, Delphine Records.

The company at first developed adventure games for home computers (mainly Commodore Amiga and Atari ST), before achieving great success and breaking into the console games market with the cinematic platformers Another World and Flashback. However they also produced the very poorly received fighting game Shaq Fu. Afterwards they achieved success again with the Moto Racer series for Windows and PlayStation.

They were also the parent company of Adeline Software, whose core team was sold to Sega and became No Cliché. (Delphine and Adeline were both named after Senneville's daughters.)

Delphine was acquired in 2003 by Doki Denki, which went bankrupt the following year.

Source, Sega Retro