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Sunsoft is the video games division of Japanese electronics manufacturer Sun Corporation. Its U.S. subsidiary operated under the name Sun Corporation of America, though, as in Japan, games published there showed a logo that read only Sunsoft. In April 1971, Sun Electronics Corporation (alternatively called Sun Denshi) was founded in Kōnan, Aichi as a manufacturer and vendor of electronics equipment. Sun Corporation's history in video games began in October 1978 in arcades with two titles: Block Challenger and Block Perfect. Sun Corporation had several arcade hits in the early 1980s such as Arabian, Ikki and Kangaroo. At the time, its arcade video games were released under its own corporate name of Sun Electronics Corporation. The brand Sunsoft first appeared in the latter of the 1980s when Sun Corporation began developing original games and technology for the home video game console market, with emphasis mostly on the Famicom. Sunsoft had gone international at that time, and it had the publishing might to secure major licenses of the day (such as Batman and The Addams Family). In the 1990s, Sun Corporation of America joined forces with Acclaim Entertainment to handle ad sales rights to Sunsoft's video games for game consoles. Additionally, a number of Sega games, including Fantasy Zone, Fantasy Zone II and After Burner, were ported for Nintendo consoles by Sunsoft. Finally, in 1995, Sun Corporation of America heavily restructured in the face of bankruptcy, and all the company's pending projects were either sold to other companies or cancelled Source: Wikipedia

Games developed

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Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990)

11.Mar 2012

No game description available yet

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Fester's Quest (1989)

24.May 2014

Fester må redde dagen når utenomjordiske kommer på besøk for å kidnappe alle i byen! Utstyrt med en oppgradérbar børse og en flammepisk er det ut for å denge aliens. En typisk shoot 'em up sett ovenfra og ned, men…

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Journey to Silius (1990)

1.May 2021

The world's population has grown so fast that a new place is needed. Mankind has thus founded a colony in the Silius solar system, but when terrorists blow up the research base there, killing Jay McCray's father, he swears to…

Games published

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Daze Before Christmas (1994)

19.Dec 2013

A typical platformer where you have to reassemble your former crew of elves who have been kidnapped through 24 levels - each representing one day in the Christmas Calendar.