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Game cover for Journey to Silius

Journey to Silius

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Developer: Sunsoft
Release year: 1990
Age rating: 7
Also known as:
  • ラフワールド (Japan)
  • Rafu Wārudo (Japan)
Platform(s): NES (Nintendo) platform icon
Game mode(s):
License: Abandonware
Visits: 66

Journey to Silius

The world's population has grown so fast that a new place is needed. Mankind has thus founded a colony in the Silius solar system, but when terrorists blow up the research base there, killing Jay McCray's father, he swears to get his revenge. Fueled by anger and a whole arsenal of weapons, he heads out to get those responsible and continue his father's research.

Journey to Silius is a sidescrolling action platformer in the traditional sense, with 5 levels and six different weapons. Each weapon shares the same ammunition energy, which can be recharged from energy orbs dropped by defeated enemies. The game's music is widely acclaimed to be some of the best on the NES.

Published: 01.05 2021 by Coreus

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