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Actua Soccer (1995)
Sports Soccer

Det første spillet i Actua-serien som hengte seg på 3D-bølgen med ekte akselerert grafikk og flere kameravinkler. Du kan spille…

Published: 21.Jul 2016
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Elite Soccer (1994)
Action Soccer Sports

Choose between 24 different national teams and compete for the ultimate achivement - Winning the World Cup! Go at it…

Published: 17.Jun 2018
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FIFA International Soccer (1994)
Sports Soccer

Det aller første spillet i FIFA-serien er isometrisk, lar deg velge kun 16 lag og har begrensede spillmodier. Likevel tilbyr…

Published: 6.Dec 2009
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Sensible Soccer: European Champions (1993)
Sports Soccer

Choose between a total of 168 teams, 40 of which are European National Teams, 64 from top soccer clubs in…

Published: 24.Jul 2007
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Sensible World of Soccer '96/'97 (1996)
Sports Soccer

A football manager game that features over 1400 teams across five continents with over 29000 players. The player can choose…

Published: 27.Dec 2012
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