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North & South (1990)
Action Strategy (real time) Strategy (Turn based)

Kjemp enten som Nord-, eller Sør-statene i den Amerikanske Borgerkrigen i dette strategispillet.

Published: 4.Dec 2005
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Loom (1990)
Adventure Point & Click Puzzle

I Loom tar du rollen som 17 år gamle Bobbin Threadbare, en ung mann fra vevernes klan (Guild of Weavers).…

Published: 6.Dec 2005
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Ski or Die (1990)

No game description available yet

Published: 14.Dec 2005
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The Secret of Monkey Island (1990)
Adventure Point & Click Puzzle Humor

Guy Brush er verdens beste pirat som kan holde pusten i 10 minutter! Vel, det er det han tror iallefall…

Published: 19.Dec 2005
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California Games II (1990)
Arcade Sports Season based Competition

An arcade sport simulator featuring various sport mini-games. These include hang-gliding, water racing, skateboard, surfing and snowboard.

Published: 4.Dec 2006
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Commander Keen 1: Marooned on Mars (1990)
Platform Action

No game description available yet

Published: 5.Dec 2006
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Stunts (1990)
Racing Simulation

Race around tracks in a variety of cars to beat highscores taking insane jumps while you're at it. Features both…

Published: 17.Dec 2006
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Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (Deluxe) (1990)
Educational Puzzle Humor

Carmen and her band of mischiefs have stolen various precious items around the world, and it's up to you to…

Published: 24.Aug 2007
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Dangerous Dave (1990)

No game description available yet

Published: 6.Oct 2008
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Tom and the Ghost (1990)
Action Puzzle

Tom og moren besøker et gammelt slott i skottland. En ond trollmann kidnapper moren, borte som en sviske. Heldigvis får…

Published: 14.Oct 2008
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Commander Keen 2: The Earth Explodes (1990)

No game description available yet

Published: 2.Dec 2008
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Duck Tales: The Quest for Gold (1990)
Action Platform

Gulbrand Gråstein har utfordret Onkel Skrue om å være den rikeste anden i verden! Konkurranselysten som den gniene anden Skrue…

Published: 21.Dec 2008
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