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Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf (1992)
Action Arcade Isometric perspective World War

Prevent a madman from starting World War III from your Apache helicopter armed to the teeth with rockets and guns.…

Published: 19.Nov 2022
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Star Ocean (1996)
Adventure Sci-fi JRPG

Life is peaceful in the medieval town of Clatos. Ratix, together with his best friends Milly and Dorn they have…

Published: 21.Dec 2021
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Dr. Mario (1990)
Action Arcade Color Matching Falling Bricks

The viruses are here, and Mario's got the cure! In this tetris clone Mario places colored pills matching them with…

Published: 20.Dec 2021
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Putty Squad (1994)
Action Puzzle Platform

Become a small blue blob and stretch in all the cardinal directions to solve each level. Collect power-ups and items…

Published: 19.Dec 2021
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Utopia: The Creation of a Nation (1991)
Sci-fi Strategy (real time) Isometric perspective

In the distant future, mankind has settled on a remote planet. You, the newly appointed Colony Administrator, are tasked of…

Published: 16.Dec 2021
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Magical Pop'n (1995)
Action Puzzle Platform Anime / Manga

Toaru Kingdom is a peaceful place, and the Castle houses The Magical Gem; a stone that provides the owner with…

Published: 14.Nov 2021
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Tales of Phantasia (1995)
Adventure RPG JRPG

Play as the main protagonist named Cless Alvein who one day when out boar hunting hears the town alarm bells.…

Published: 4.Sep 2021
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The Chaos Engine (1993)
Action Shoot em up Steampunk Top-down Robots

If making an artificial intelligence with knowledge from the future sounds like a good idea, Baron Fortesque wants a word.…

Published: 10.Jul 2021
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ActRaiser (1990)
Action Platform Simulation Strategy (Turn based) Fantasy Prehistoric era

You play as a God and have been tasked of saving the world of evil. Lands are first purged in…

Published: 12.Jun 2021
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Bass Masters Classic (1995)
Sports Fishing

Participate in a classic fishing tournament where your lures, rods, boat skills and general fish-sense all come in to play!…

Published: 5.Jun 2021
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Super Noah's Ark 3D (1994)
Action FPS Faith / Religion Family friendly

You play as Noah, tasked to calm down the animals in the Ark. Thankfully he brought a ton of food…

Published: 27.Mar 2021
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Terranigma (1995)
Action Adventure Fantasy JRPG Isometric perspective

Long ago, the battle between Light and Dark caused devestating results and wiped out all life. Well, except for one…

Published: 16.Jan 2021
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