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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - DragonStrike (1992)
Action Shoot em up Flight

There are dragons all over the place, threatening the people of Ansalon. The solution? Fight dragons with dragons! Command your…

Published: 2.Mar 2022
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After Burner (1989)
Action Flight

Developed by Sega and published by Sunsoft, After Burner is a licensed game that was released in 1989 for the…

Published: 9.Mar 2022
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Argus (1986)
Shoot em up Flight

Argus is a licensed game released in 1986 for the NES, developed by TOSE Software and published by Jaleco. Also…

Published: 19.Mar 2022
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Dogfight - 80 Years of Aerial Warfare (1993)
Action Simulation World War I Historical setting Flight

Fest setebeltet og spenn deg fast i som pilot i kjente fly helt fra første verdenskrig frem til i dag.…

Published: 19.Jun 2016
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Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.0 (1993)
Simulation Flight

The fifth installment in the iconic flight simulator series adds textures for a higher degree of realism and immersion. There…

Published: 20.Aug 2020
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Wing Commander (1990)
Flight Sci-fi Simulation

Humanity is locked in a war with a race of catlike humanoids calling themselves the "Kilrathi", that are somewhat reminiscent…

Published: 16.Nov 2021
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