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Strange Adventures in Infinite Space (2002)


Travel through space, fight off aliens, dive into black holes, find and trade with weird life forms in this rogue-lite.…

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Tank Wars (1990)


No game description available yet

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The Chessmaster 2000 (1986)


No game description available yet

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UFO: Enemy Unknown (1994)


The year is 1998 and increased number of reports about alien abductions create cause for worry. Humanity's last hope resides…

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Valkyrie Profile (1999)


Det brygger opp til krig i Midgard og Odin sender Valkyrien Lenneth for å finne krigere, såkalte Einherjere. Dette er…

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Warlords 2 (1993)


Kjemp for å bli enehersker i en tilfeldig generert fantasiverden. Velg deg en rase og ta kontroll over produksjon av…

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X-COM: Apocalypse (1997)


The human race is once again threatened, but this time the defense part is focused down to one city.

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X-COM: Terror from the Deep (1995)


It's been rather peaceful after the XCOM project cleared out the aliens in the first UFO game. But, 40 years…

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Zeppelin: Giants of the Sky (1994)


Feel like playing with fire in the sky, quite literally? Manage your own fleet of zeppelins and ferry passengers around…

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