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Albion (1995)


Take the role of Tom Driscoll, the captain of a ship tasked with exploring a supposedly desert planet for rich…

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Amberstar (1992)


A traditional cRPG with a vast world to explore.

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Anvil of Dawn (1995)


No game description available yet

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Baldur's Gate (1998)


Spillet som satte standarden for isometrisk RPG. Historien foregår i the Forgotten Realms, hvor en mystisk jernkrise skaper problemer for…

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Burntime (1993)


Try to survive in a post-apocalyptic world where civilization is no more. Scavenge what you can, from forlorn houses and…

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Chrono Trigger (1995)


Classic RPG game with a mixture of RTS and TBS combat and miniature games.

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Darklands (1992)


RPG set in Germany featuring infinite play time and an aging system that eventually will lead characters to grow old…

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Deus Ex (2000)


En FPS fra legenden Warren Spector hvor du selv bestemmer hvordan du vil møte oppdragene, hvem du skyter og hvem…

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Diablo (1997)


Noe skummelt lurer i kirken i Tristram og det er opp til noen få eventyrere å finne ut hva som…

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Diablo II (2000)


After Tristram was saved, the hero who killed Diablo has been troubled, becoming increasingly reserved. One day he just disappears,…

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Dink Smallwood (1998)


An action RPG colored by dark humor. It's almost a parody of traditional RPGs, featuring a satirical look at story,…

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Dungeon Keeper (1997)


Vær den onde for en gangs skyld! Bygg din egne underjordsbase, rekruttér onde monster og forhindre at de gode styrkene…

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