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Jones in the Fast Lane (1991)


Lær deg å tjene penger fra bunnen av i denne jobbsimulatoren fra Sierra! Du starter i det små, typisk på…

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The Adventures of Lomax (1997)


Oh no! Evil Ed has transformed the entire Lemmings land and its inhabitants into brainless servants! Only Lomax stands between…

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Raptor: Call of the Shadows (1994)


Vertikal shoot 'em up.

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Star Goose (1988)


No game description available yet

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Death Rally (1996)


Battle to the death with cars in the deadliest races you've ever seen on your personal computer! Upgrade your vehicles…

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California Games II (1990)


An arcade sport simulator featuring various sport mini-games. These include hang-gliding, water racing, skateboard, surfing and snowboard.

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Body Blows (1993)


No game description available yet

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Ugh! (1992)


No game description available yet

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The Blues Brothers (1991)


Plattformer inspiert av filmen "The Blues Brothers" hvor du styrer de to brødrene.

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Little Big Adventure (1994)


Help Twinsen, a young Quetch escape the claws of Dr. FunFrock and fight his evil endeavours of cloning and teleportation.…

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Astro Fire (1994)


No game description available yet

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Cool Spot (1994)


Plattformer hvor du styrer 7UP sin maskot Cool Spot. Et nokså typisk spill i sjangeren, hvor det handler om å…

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