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The Retro Spirit is back - with a vengance! Welcome!

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22.10.2019 By Coreus

After years and years of having served users on an old framework, the time was due to a proper update. An update that takes The Retro Spirit into the future and beyond! Also, we've now permanently moved to our new home,

While we're still working on updating some features that aren't fully operational yet, most other things are. We've also added several new features, like playing games directly in your browser! The Retro Radio is also back, with a vengeance. You can now listen to it while doing other things, you know, like a radio should work!


There are now also more themes. We've so far added dark (which is the default) theme, along with the older light one and a christmas theme that will go out in full swing once December hits - so stay tuned for that!

We've also added a proper company profile page for each company here is an example! Click on a company to see their logos, games they've developed, published and more.

Admins will also see a very different dashboard, with incredible amount of powers at their disposal.

It's been a wild ride, and more is to come. Please enjoy what we've worked very hard on, to serve up a Retro Spirit experience like no other. A proper retro site that honors ye olde times like it should! Welcome!

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