Summer Gaming Memories

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07.07.2020 By Coreus

While some may have to change their plans this summer due to the pandemic, some plans don't rely on where you are. You know, reading a book, watching a cartoon perhaps or participating in some outdoor sports activity. Some of these stay with you even as you grow older, a fond way of reminiscing the simpler years when summers were hot, ice creams cold and the days lazy. Gaming is no different, and some gaming memories cement themselves in history. Here's a list of some of our staff's summer gaming memories, with a short description on what made them memorable. Plenty of tips on what to play this summer abound!


Diablo (1997)

Diablo 1
Why it still lingers
Nothing really beat that feeling of absolute dread than Diablo, that barren town of Tristram and the extremely haunting and eerie Church. As if the moans and screams weren't bad enough, you knew you had to go down there. The atmosphere and soundtrack delivered in a way only Blizzard could, and caused many woken nights to gain just one more level.

Warcraft: Orcs & Humans (1994)

Why it still lingers
Blizzard made an impact with their first foray intro strategic warfare. The tried and true tale of humans versus some kind of monsters are old as time itself. What made Warcraft different was the story and that each campaign or side had their own veritable reasons for why they had to fight. The result was a majestic gaming experience peppered With humor and a solid strategy foundation to boot. Battling in Azeroth was pure pleasure.


Grand Theft Auto 3 (2001)

Grand Theft Auto 3
Why it still lingers
Freedom, love, hookers and fast cars. Do I need to say more?


UFO: Enemy Unknown (1994)

UFO: Enemy Unknown (1994)

Crusader: No Remorse (1995)

Crusader no remorse (1995)


Super Mario World (1993)

Super Mario World

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