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Daze Before Christmas (1994)


A typical plattformer where you have to reassemble your former crew of elves who have been kidnapped through 24 levels…

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NHL '94 (1993)


Hockeyspill til Super Nintendo.

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Super Castlevania IV (1991)


Dracula er ute og rir igjen, og Simon Belmont må stoppe han.

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Silverball (1993)


A commercially published version of Epic Pinball that uses the same engine. Silverball included four tables to choose from.

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Magical Taruruuto-kun (1992)


A traditional platformer where you control a magic hero that can throw objects and glide over passages. Published in Japan…

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Blue Shadow (1991)


I det 21ste århundre har keiser Garuda tatt kontroll over New York og drept mange av byens innbygere. Du styrer…

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Theme Hospital (1997)


It's a matter of laugh or death in the sequel to Bullfrog's best-selling Theme Park. Design, maintain and cure all…

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Darklands (1992)


RPG set in Germany featuring infinite play time and an aging system that eventually will lead characters to grow old…

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Pinball Dreams 2 (1994)


The sequel to Pinball Dreams gives players four new digital tables to hunt for highscores on.

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Ristar (1995)


Ristar the Shooting Star must save the universe from Kaiser Greedy whose brainwashed all leaders of each planet in this…

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Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (1987)


After defeating Dracula in the first game, Sir Belmont has been cursed. He needs to find various items of a…

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Pandemonium! (1997)


Help Fargus and Nikki save the world in this unique 2.5D plattformer that features scripted changing camera angles along the…

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Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold (1993)


Based off the Wolfenstein 3D engine, this copy cat game offers little new in terms of experience away from that…

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James Pond 2: Codename: RoboCod (1993)


A solid PC conversion of Millennium's 1991 Amiga hit James Pond 2: Codename RoboCod. RoboCod is a fantastic, colorful platform…

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The Chessmaster 3000 (1991)


The next installment in the premiere series about chess that offers many more options.

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Inner Worlds (1996)


A non-traditional plattformer where you control Nikita, a human that can transform into a wolf and needs to put an…

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Castlevania (1986)


A 2D sidescrolling platformer where you control Belmont that is out to defeat Dracula himself. The game is known for…

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