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Game cover for The Longest Journey

The Longest Journey

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Developer: Funcom
Publisher: IQ Media Nordic AB
Release year: 1999
Age rating: 7
Also known as:
  • Den Lengste Reisen (Norway)
  • Den längsta resan (Sweden)
  • The Longest Journey: D'un monde à l'autre (France)
  • Бесконечное Путешествие (Russia)
Platform(s): Windows platform icon
Game mode(s):
License: Available for purchase
Visits: 285

The Longest Journey

An adventure game featuring April Ryan, a struggling student living in Newport anno 2209. Lately she's been having life-like nightmares, and in a strange turn of events turns out to be real. She finds out that she's able to travel between the Worlds of Arcadia and Stark through the powers known as Shifting. She's in for the adventure of her lifetime when these two worlds are at the brink of destruction and is chosen as the only that save them both.

A cult classic that's considered one of the best games in the genre with focus on strong and fun storytelling, professional voice actors and plenty of areas to explore and puzzles to solve.

Published: 22.12 2020 by Coreus

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