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Game cover for Terranigma


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Developer: Quintet Co., Ltd.
Publisher: Enix Corporation
Release year: 1995
Age rating: 7
Also known as:
  • 天地創造 (Japan)
  • Tenchi Sōzō (Japan)
Platform(s): SNES (Super Nintendo) platform icon
Game mode(s):
License: Abandonware
Visits: 564


Long ago, the battle between Light and Dark caused devestating results and wiped out all life. Well, except for one village, the village of Crysta. Here lives one boy, Ark, that one day opens a box that's been closed for eons and unleashes the Dark freezing most of the last remaining people. To save them, he needs to travel to five different towers to resurrect the planet and unfreeze his loved ones. The game is very Zelda-like, with real-time combat and dungeons with puzzles to solve, and equipment and magic to utilize.

Published: 16.01 2021 by Coreus

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