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Super frog

Golden Spirit Award Game cover for Super frog
Team 17
Team 17
Release year
Age rating
7 and above
Game mode(s)

Super frog

Wow, this went south fast. You're a good looking prince and you have a lovely lady to woo. There is also a witch. And they are what they are: ugly all day and angry with the world due to that. So no further explanation is needed as to why she casts a spell on you and steals the lady of your dreams in front of your eyes. You're now a frog and have to fight you're way through the world, that seems pretty hostile towards frogs. Or maybe it's just you.

24 levels, spanning 6 themed world will keep you busy in this game.

This is a standard platformer, released in the waning years of the home computers. Doom-based game were all the rage at this time, and platformers was relegated to gaming consoles. This did not deter Team17. The cut-scenes were made by talented artist Eric W. Schwarz and the music by the exceptional Allister Brimble.

Published: 18.12 2022 by djdaemon

Game screenshot of Super frog
Turned into a frog. Darn witches.
Game screenshot of Super frog
Castus spellus froggus
Game screenshot of Super frog
A happy couple. Just you wait!
Game screenshot of Super frog
Running through the witches castle
Game screenshot of Super frog
Just landed in the castle
Game screenshot of Super frog
Game screenshot of Super frog
How does she keep the flying broom stable?
Game screenshot of Super frog
Body by Lucozade?

All right! Let's just point out this: this game is cherished by almost all Amiga-nerds. Why? First of: it's just great at everything a platformer can be. Also, it was released for the Amiga, just as everyone was abandoning it. Commodore went under and life was bad for the followers of the C=.

Brimble masters the Amiga sound chip and delivers a number of catchy tunes that are true ear worms. Eric W. Schwarz gives you funny animated story in the beginning and end of the game. The end is a weird plot twist in itself. Won't spoil it here though.

The graphics shine and makes most of the aging Amiga's capabilities. In 1994, a year later, it was released for the PC as well. What's good with it? It does everything right. It's easy to get started, yet challenging to beat. The decision to deliver it to the Amiga first, was probably an unwise idea. Had they released it for the PC in 1993, it might have caught on more than it did.

It just could not compete with Sonic, Doom and Worms to name a few other games.

Score summary
Graphics: 6
Sound: 6
Gameplay: 5
Story: 4
Difficulty: 6
Learning curve: 6
Total: 6

Published 26.10 2022

Review by Djdaemon

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