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Game cover for Rage of Mages

Rage of Mages

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Developer: Nival Entertainment
Release year: 1998
Age rating: 7
Also known as:
  • Allody: Pechat' Tainy (Russia)
  • Аллоды: Печать тайны (Russia)
Platform(s): Windows platform icon
Game mode(s):
License: Available for purchase
Visits: 76

Rage of Mages

The world of Kania is in a world of pain - quite literally. A terrible and seemingly endless war is exhausting the once-noble Kania Empire. Many heroes have set out to find the magical weapon that will break the war cycle, but to no avail. The isolated island of Allod-Umoier now harbors the only hope for redemption. Desperate for salvation, the court magician decides to equip new adventurers with a powerful amulet to help in their quest. Choose from either a fighter or a mage (male or female), define core attributes of body, reaction, mind and spirit and set forth to save the world of Kania!

Rage of Mages combines both RPG and real-time strategy. During missions, the game is similar to games like other in the genre, but with a fixed number of units. Along the adventure new companions will join and you can also hire mercenaries in town. The town Plagat acts as the game's hub, from which quests can be found by talking to NPCs in the inn, and new weapons and armor can be found from the armorer. Trainers for each character class are also found at the temple. On top of the story mode, there's also multiplayer supporting up to 16 players.

Published: 02.04 2021 by Coreus

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