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Sensible World of Soccer '96/'97 (1996)

27.Dec 2012

A football manager game that features over 1400 teams across five continents with over 29000 players. The player can choose wether he wants to be coach or playing-coach in 144 competitions. Alongside the quick, season and career modes are all…

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Sensible Soccer: European Champions (1993)

24.Jul 2007

Choose between a total of 168 teams, 40 of which are European National Teams, 64 from top soccer clubs in the Europe and lastly 64 teams created by the developers themselves. Compete to be the ultimate European Champion in this…

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The Chaos Engine (1993)

10.Jul 2021

If making an artificial intelligence with knowledge from the future sounds like a good idea, Baron Fortesque wants a word. With these precise presumptions he made The Chaos Engine. However the thing quickly rebelled against its creator, consumed his mind…